So you purchased a new or used car from your local dealer? A great option, a safe option, especially for those looking for the safety of a warranty. You may pay a little more at a dealership but you get peace of mind.

But that warranty comes with a caveat. You have to get your vehicle regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines if you want your warranty to remain intact. Rightly so.


Why service?

Your manufacturer wants two things. To spend as little money as possible on warranty repairs; after all, they are a business and they are in the business of making money. Secondly, they want you to be a happy customer, a breakdown free customer. Mainly because they want you to go back and buy another vehicle at some point. Plus, you are a walking advert for their product and they want you to tell your friends how great your vehicle is. A dealership seeing several of their vehicles broken down at the side of the road, for example, does not help sell their vehicles.

Regularly maintenance or auto service, in line with manufacturer recommendations, keeps your vehicle in great shape. Reduces wear, reduces cost, reduces breakdowns. To that end, your dealership requires you to have your auto serviced by a mechanic at a warranty approve auto service shop.

Guess what. This warranty approved auto service centre need not be your dealership!


In Whose Interest.

You have your vehicle serviced to keep it running smoothly. The dealership wants you to service your vehicle so it runs smoothly. Seems like a match made in heaven, right? But, your vehicle has all of its parts warrantied for replacement should they go wrong. Who would you rather have letting you know of any potential warranty issues? The dealership themselves who will have to pay for the warranty? Or a third party like Fifth Avenue Auto? To put it bluntly, we are on your side. If there is an issue with your vehicle we will let you know. You then have the information you need to take to the dealership if there is some warranty work that needs doing.


Better Auto Service. Warranty Approved.

That’s right.

Fifth Avenue Auto in West Kelowna are fully authorized to perform manufactures regularly scheduled maintenance on all dealership warrantied new and used vehicles, to protect their warranty.

Why Fith Avenue Auto?

We are a family run business regularly awarded by the Greater Westside Board of Trade for exemplary service. There are several benefits to taking your vehicle to Fifth Avenue Auto. No longer will you have to take your vehicle to a dealership and have one of the mechanics tick some boxes prior to you picking it up. We take care of your vehicle as if it were our own. The maintenance is scheduled in accordance with warranty requirements and completed by fully licensed and experienced mechanics. We go above and beyond, providing a full systems check, warn you in advance of potential issues and are able to suggest cost-effective solutions that your dealership may be mandated to avoid.

Award Winning Auto Service





* Greater Westside Board of Trade

The answer is clear

Taking your vehicle to Fifth Avenue Auto gives you the peace of mind that your warranty approved service is being done in your best interests, by people who care about you and your vehicle. Our skilled mechanics keep your vehicle running smoothly with fewer breakdowns so we save you money. And you can be assured that we inform you of any warrantied work that needs completing.

Get your warranty approved auto service completed by the best. Give Fifth Avenue Auto a call today.

Ready for better maintenance?