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We don’t stock tires but we are an official retailer of the top brands. Simply give us a call and our experts can advise you on the best tire for your vehicle based on the make, model, conditions and type of roads you drive on. If you are the type to dig a little deeper yourself, visit the manufacturer websites – links below – and search online for some reviews.

Once you have chosen, or asked us to help, we do the rest. By the time your appointment time is here we will have them in stock and ready to roll.


MichelinYokohamaToyoGeneralBF GoodrichHankook


Many of you will have a separate set of tires for winter and the remainder of the year. We can install those for you. Simply bring them into Fifth Avenue Auto and let us do all the dirty work. Combine it with a vehicle service and we become a hassle free one-stop-shop.
Take advantage of our award winning levels of service and book your tire install with us today. 

Have questions about tire retail or install?