About Fifth Avenue Auto

We are a family operated, professional, courteous, squeaky clean, car, truck, RV, motorhome, service and repair shop. We have mechanics and technicians on staff who specialize in auto service for both gas and diesel.

Another great benefit to those with dealership warranties. All of our auto service is warranty approved. Get the expertise, excellent service, honesty and integrity of a family owned business and keep your dealership warranty intact!


Committed to our Customers

At Fifth Avenue Auto we are committed to our customers, community, and excellence in our auto service. We build relationships with our clients treating them fairly and with respect. By helping those in need and working to assist non-profit groups, we are dedicated to building a healthy community. We take pride in being recognized for providing the best automotive and customer service care in the industry (check out our testimonials page). It is our belief that if you look after the community you live in, it will look after you. Ask around (or visit our CUSTOMER REVIEWS page) and you will find we have an excellent reputation.

Our Mission Statement

To reduce stress, costly breakdowns & save our client money, we will:

  • Book your next appointment tailored to your time schedule
  • Perform inspections every time on every vehicle
  • Never proceed with any maintenance or auto repair work without customer authorization
  • Never present an invoice that was larger than the most current estimate
  • Advise client of all manufacturer’s recommended services
  • Advise client of manufacturer’s recalls
  • Provide highly skilled diagnostic technicians to accurately solve the toughest problem
  • Source and provide parts considering quality, price, and availability
  • 12 month hassle free parts and labor warranty valid in Canada and the USA!


Meet the team

We have an award-winning auto service team dedicated to giving you the absolute best vehicle ownership experience. We like to offer cutting-edge contemporary maintenance with the absolute best in old world vintage customer service. Both you and your vehicle will leave here purring contentedly!

Here are some of the friendly faces you’ll meet at Fifth Avenue Auto and our most recent awards from the Greater Westside Chamber of Commerce.

GWBT Award


Business of the Year &
Platinum Service Provider
kevan bio image

Kevan Springford

Owner, President and Service Consultant
jenny bio image

Jenny Kerkovius

Owner, Secretary, Bookkeeper / Accounting
GWBT Award


Small Business of the Year
mike bio image

Mike Kerkovius

Facility Standards Manager
josh bio image

Josh Turner

Licensed Automotive mechanic and technician
kevin bio image

Kevin McFadzen

Licensed Automotive mechanic / technician
ryan bio image

Ryan Eide

Licensed Automotive mechanic and technician
Want to know more about the team?  Read our staff bios.
Staff Bios

Kevan Springford

Owner, President and Service Consultant. Kevan has owned Fifth Avenue Auto since June of 1988. With so many years in the automotive industry, Kevan’s qualifications demonstrate his commitment and passion in the business. Kevan is a licensed heavy duty mechanic, ASE Master Automobile mechanic and technician, Commercial Vehicle Inspector and has his HRA Environmental and WHIMIS tickets. Ongoing training is important to Kevan in keeping current in computer and digital programming as well as advanced shop management to enhance customer services and perform the most current and necessary repairs. Kevan’s forte is his consulting and electrical and electronic diagnostics. It’s not all about work for Kevan. He enjoys snow skiing, street-rodding, electronics, furniture and cabinetry, and carpentry. Married since 1982 and with two boys, his family life is instrumental in his success.

Jenny Kerkovius

Owner, Secretary, Bookkeeper and Accounting. Jenny started her accounting and office administration career in 1980. Jenny and Kevan are husband and wife. Jenny has also been a half owner since 1988. Accounting is Jenny’s specialty and paying attention to detail is what makes Fifth Ave. a sound operation. Ongoing monthly maintenance management training is how Jenny’s skills are kept current in the industry and continued customer relations with clients. Jenny and her family of boys keep her busy with their inventions; however, she does take time to enjoy snow skiing, running, biking, reading, and cooking. A number of years ago Jenny enrolled in the Master gardener program and now has her Master Gardener certification.

Kevin McFadzen

Licensed Automotive mechanic / technician. Kevin is a fully licensed automotive mechanic and technician; he is ASE certified and holds certificates in a number of automotive specialties including air conditioning retrofit and alternative automotive fuels. Kevin specializes in electronic engine control and operation and diagnostics. Kevin and his wife Jen have one son; James. Kevin wanted to give James a middle name of Robert which Jen was Ok with until she discovered this was so Kevin could call him Jim Bob. James did NOT get the middle name Robert! Kevin has been with us since 1990 and he currently manages our Penticton shop.

Josh Turner

Licensed Automotive mechanic and technician. After 20 years one of our technicians (Wilf) finally retired so we needed another apprentice. Along came Josh with a wealth of experience right out of the chute. Everybody liked Josh, he has the “right attribute” and is a hard worker so was a natural fit for us. Josh is very passionate about his cars so spends most of his time fiddling around with them. Josh is now a licensed mechanic and technician having completed his apprenticeship with us at the beginning of 2010. Like everyone at Fifth Ave. Josh continues to receive constant training to keep abreast of the ever changing technology of today’s vehicles.

Ryan Eide

Licensed Automotive mechanic / technician. Ryan is our newest family member having joined us in 2015. Ryan started out in Vancouver but desired a better place to raise his 2 girls Riley and Teagan so Ryan and wife Krissy moved up to the Okanagan. Trying to find a good fit Ryan tried out a number of dealers and shops. When an opening came up with us he jumped at the chance and discovered the best job he’s ever had.

Mike Kerkovius

Mike is Kevan and Jenny’s son. Mike is currently attending UBCO majoring in earth sciences. Mike is responsible for the cleaning and care of the facility. Mike cleans 2 times a week: one night mid-week he does the office and bathrooms then on weekends the entire shop which is why our shop is always so clean and bright looking.

Our History

Why Fifth Avenue Auto? There’s no Fifth Avenue in West Kelowna is there? You are correct there is no Fifth Avenue but there used to be and when there was the town was named Westbank!  It all started before 1980 ……

The Fifth Avenue Story
The Catholic Church had out grown its location and was looking to build a new church. They purchased the piece of property on what is now the corner of Hebert and Dobbin roads. However at the time they purchased the property it was Fifth Avenue not Hebert road. They sold the old property which was at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Main Street. The person that purchased that property converted the old church into a shop and since it was on Fifth Avenue he called it Fifth Avenue Auto. A few years later it was decided to rename the streets after town founders so Fifth Avenue was renamed to Hebert. The person that built Fifth Avenue Auto ran it until 1988 when he sold it to Kevan Springford and his wife Jenny Kerkovius.

Both Kevan and Jenny were born and raised in the Okanagan. In the late 70’s getting a job in the Okanagan was almost impossible. Kevan trained to be a heavy duty mechanic and started out his career moving to Calgary working for a company that manufactured and serviced muskeg machines. After a stint in Calgary he moved to Grande Prairie to work for a Kenworth dealer. The winters in Grand Prairie were long and cold so Kevan went looking for other work and found a job with a new outfit in Penticton which promptly went out of business right after Kevan started (they started up under funded). This time Kevan went looking south and landed a job with an International dealer in Victoria. After 5 years an opening came up with the local dairy. Kevan was one of over 600 people that applied for that job and he got it! Kevan will tell you that the trucking industry is very different from the automotive industry. Most truck drivers are independents that own their equipment and work on a contract basis. Most truckers are very diligent about keeping their equipment in well maintained condition. Truckers know there is no faster way to lose a contract than having your equipment break down while hauling a load of perishables. When Kevan went to work for the dairy this was a problem they were experiencing and it was up to Kevan to put a maintenance system in place to eliminate this problem. Within 3 years and a lot of catch up maintenance / repairs Kevan had reduced their breakdown incidents dramatically.

Between the Calgary and Grand Prairie jobs Kevan was introduced to Jenny by a mutual friend and the sparks flew immediately. Kevan and Jenny dated for several months until he moved to Grand Prairie. They kind of mutually decided a long distant relationship was not going to work (no internet in those days) so they went their separate ways. However a few years later when Kevan returned to Penticton he ran into Jenny in a store and boom away the relationship went again. When Kevan got a job in Victoria Jenny decided to follow him. Several years later they were married. The problem came when the in-laws and outlaws started putting pressure on for grandchildren. Kevan and Jenny realized they needed to move back to the Okanagan where parental support was available for help raising their children. Unfortunately in the Okanagan the job prospects at the time were still pretty dismal so they decided to go into a business of their own. While looking they came across Fifth Avenue Auto for sale and based on their mutual experience this seemed to be a good fit so to Westbank they moved and took possession of the business in May of 1988.

After taking over at Fifth Avenue Auto Kevan was surprised to learn that the average car owner did not do proper maintenance and experienced expensive breakdowns as a result (this has not changed much even today). Over the years this led Kevan to develop a maintenance system and procedures (similar to the HD industry) to help his clients reduce their motoring costs. In conjunction with a few automotive organizations and other shops an entire new automotive management system was developed which is now used by hundreds of shops throughout Canada. Before coming to Westbank Kevan had a part time side business developing and manufacturing specialized computer based industrial control systems for small manufacturers. Using his experience with computers and electronics Kevan developed a software shop management system based on these new systems and procedures. Since trends and technology change frequently Kevan keeps the software up to date usually releasing a major upgrade once every 2 years or so. Currently that software system is in use by hundreds of shops across Canada and can be found at www.AutoManager.ca

There have been a lot of changes over the years. In 1998 they bought their own property at the corner of Brown and Apollo Roads and built a new shop. The district of Westbank incorporated and changed its name to West Kelowna. In 2006 they purchased a shop one block off the beach in Penticton to service their south Okanagan clients. That’s because once client’s come to realized how much proper maintenance saves them they keep coming for life. As a result they now have clients that come from Oliver to Vernon. Kevan has joked in the past that they lose more clients to old age than anything else. Then he’ll back that up by saying the sad thing is that’s not a joke. To this day you will still find Kevan and Jenny working in the West Kelowna location.

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